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Getting a Degree in anything can be tough! We started this website after trying to sort and sift through all the options you have when getting a degree online!

Understanding how to become a psychologist is important before making the decision to do it. To become a psychologist one has to complete a doctoral degree, this can take 4 -6 years to finish post your undergraduate degree. Once that is complete you must also complete the licensing examination. Like most positions in the medical field you must complete a supervised residency under a board certified psychologist with over 10 years experience.

We strive to help you find the best online Psychology Degrees online and have all the resources to receive student loan financing, pass your test and be ready for your degree.

Some of the best schools for this type of degree are:

Michigan State University
New York University
Indiana University – Bloomington
University of Texas at Austin
University of Utah
University of Tennessee

Student Loans for Psych degrees are very common as the cost to acquire your degree can be very high.

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Legal Needs for your Degree Financing

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Using your degree in the Legal Community

Often times Psychologist will be called upon by the legal community to testify as expert witness in a range of cases from Criminal to Family law. It is important to understand your career path and the different opportunities to leverage your degree to earn income and help the community. We talked with a major law firm in Arizona and got some feedback about the importance of Psychologists in the Legal field. We learned having qualified and articulate Psychologists available for expert testimony and case research is integral to to certain family law and many other cases and is a good income opportunity for qualified psychologists

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